Authoritative Content vs. SEO vs. Social Media


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses a set of strategies to bring more people to your company website, it uses Social Media Optimization (SMO) to help you to strengthen your company brand while Authoritative Content can strengthen a marketing campaign. SEO, SMO, and Authoritative content are three strategies that are similar, but working out which is the most effective in bringing attention to a business is not straightforward.

Exclusive Role of Social Media Optimization:

Social media will help to boost a company’s online visibility that will generate business leads and increase sales. Through optimizing their presence within social media, a company can build their customers’ familiarity with and trust in their business because the customers will not only see a business being mentioned online, but also recommended by others.

“Social Signals” are signals to various search engines that a company’s content or information is valuable. Every time that someone likes content about your brand in some way, they are sending a social signal, and the more Social Signals your company receives, the more likely it is to rank highly in Search Engine results.

Exclusive Role of Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization, more or less, does what it says – it optimizes the use of Search Engines to bring more attention and so more business to your company. People believe that it is not enough just to have a good company website with strong content anymore; businesses are using marketing strategies and social media to improve the popularity of their websites.

However, SEO is more than just getting high rank in Search Engine results. For website optimization, ensure that potential customers visit a website will have the best experience possible, they will find what they were looking for and they will enjoy sharing your company’s premium quality content.

Blend of SEO and SMO:

Marketing experts are now shifting their marketing budgets to digital tactics such as SEO and SMO. It has been found that companies that have produced the best SEO strategies and have done so through social media. Vice versa, companies that are not successful with their online marketing strategies being the ones that do not integrate social media into their strategy.

Within a marketing strategy, It is wise to measure the company’s impact of social media, which shows the efforts being put by the company to enhance the visibility in search engines. It is said that the combination of a company’s digital marketing strategy together with the use of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be huge for both big and small companies.

Improve Your Social Media Optimization:

However, if a company is looking to improve its social media presence, it is important for that company to bear in mind that having huge numbers of links to their company website spread across every social network that they can find is not social media optimization. If a company does join every social media site that they can find, this could be counterproductive to their social media marketing.

In order for a company to successfully use social media, it should focus on engaging with relevant social audiences. For instance, if a company uses the sort of social media that its targeted customers will not have any interest in, then they are wasting their time as their social media marketing strategy won’t be seen by their target audience and their efforts will be wasted.

Therefore, for a company’s social media optimization strategy to be successful, it needs to be relevant to their customers and the company should always bear its target audience in mind.

Authoritative Content:

In addition to SEO and Social Media Optimization, businesses also use “Authoritative Content” within their marketing strategies. It has always been said that content is king online, and this may be obvious, but the content that attracts and motivates customers is now said not to be just any old content but content which is “authoritative”.

Just as Search Engines like well-written, unique and authoritative online content,  but there is a question mark over who decides whether a website’s content is authoritative or not, there is Google guideline as to what makes a content authoritative.

Content to be authoritative, there are certain characteristics that the writing must contain. Firstly, the content should have a great content, which does not degrade it. This means that a company should not add many adverts that make their website look unprofessional and make it difficult for customers to access the content. A website should have one idea on each page and should have a professional design that makes the content stand out.

Authoritative content should keep a focus. For instance, as with everything in a company’s marketing campaign, it should carefully plan the content that will fit its website. For instance, a company has to plan and research the topics that it is going to cover in its content. What a company needs to do is to ensure that it completely covers the topics that it expects to maintain.

In order for a company to receive an opinion on its content, the content should be reviewed and published. In order to do this, a company has to think about the authoritative content writers who produce high quality, helpful, and significant content that their audiences desire. In the long-term, it assures that readers will follow them because of providing high-quality authoritative content.

A further way that a company could make their website content authoritative would be to have a specific focus on their target audience. For instance, by generating high-quality information for a specific audience, a company is more likely to stand out as an authority in its industry.


Through discussing Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Authoritative Context in reference to how these strategies could help a company to produce a strong marketing campaign, it can be seen that all three methods of promoting a business could help that business to succeed.

However, as all three tactics would promote a business in a slightly different way, it could be said that the most effective marketing strategy would be one that utilizes all three of the tactics discussed, to generate business and to target potential customers.

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